Associate Membership

An Associate member is a non-voting membership offered to those involved in the servicing of dried fruit, tree nuts and kindred products. Associate memberships are available to both domestic and international applicants.

Any such person shall be eligible for Associate Membership on approval of their written request by the President of the Association and the payment of such dues and fees as the Board may fix from time to time. Dues for Associate Members are $500 USD per year. Benefits of membership include:

  1. Inclusion in the SCTC Associate Membership Directory and website link
  2. Ability to interact with SCTC Members
  3. Receive monthly Red Seal Newsletter
  4. Access to DFA of California / SCTC Annual Conference at a discounted membership rate
  5. Access to SCTC Summer Meeting (free event)
  6. Access to SCTC local district meetings (held in conjunction with DFA of California members)

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