SCTC Services include but are not exclusive to 1.) the negotiation of ocean freight rates, 2.) arbitration services, 3.) distribution of information and resources, 4.) member advocacy and 5.) ensuring the constitution of the Webb-Pomerene Act. SCTC personnel are readily available throughout the day to personally help members with their transportation questions and to bridge the information gap in helping them make better decisions for their company.

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Ocean Freight Rates

SCTC negotiates competitive ocean freight rates for dried fruits, tree nuts, tomato paste and dried tomatoes. We have established relationships with multiple steamship lines, enabling us to ensure the best results for our members. Our export ocean freight rates cover all worldwide trade lanes, via all water and landbridge services.

Arbitration Services

SCTC arbitration cases are handled by JAMS.  JAMS is the largest private alternative dispute resolution (ADR) provider in the world.  With its prestigious panel of neutrals, JAMS specializes in mediating and arbitration complex, multi-party, business / commercial cases.  With nearly 350 neutrals, JAMS offers highly respected and experienced arbitrators, including retired state and federal court judges and attorneys.  With more than 25 locations in major cities throughout the United States, JAMS’ signature Resolution Centers provide a neutral, professional, and comfortable environment to resolve the most challenging and complex individual and class disputes.

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SCTC assists members by equipping them with the necessary tools in understanding the complexities of the transportation industry. A comprehensive Exporters Handbook per Country is maintained for our members on the SCTC website. Members receive a Contract Terms and Conditions for Dried Fruit, Tree Nuts and Kindred Products, which if referenced in a sales contract may allow utilization of JAMS dispute resolution services if an issue arises. A guidance document on Incoterms 2010, which contains information on the standard trade definitions used in International freight transactions, is also provided for our members. Furthermore, SCTC disseminates news articles, web publications, and relevant e-mail distributions in helping our membership keep current with industry trends.

Member Advocacy

SCTC acts as an advocate on behalf of our membership with industry related groups. We maintain daily contact with representatives of the export trade to make sure they are fully and accurately informed as to the industries activities, needs, issues and resolutions. SCTC also works closely with governmental regulatory agencies, transportation services providers and agricultural commodity organizations to gain future insights on issues that may affect the SCTC membership.

Educational Workshops

The SCTC Summer Meeting and SCTC Workshops are opportunities for members to hear from experts in the transportation industry and get relevant answers to the issues they may be facing. SCTC provides networking opportunities not only with other members but facilitates an open forum to meet with government agencies, service providers, and various industry thought leaders.

Webb-Pomerene Act

The Commodity Export Groups utilize SCTC services to discuss export prices for the upcoming crop year. This is a free service from SCTC. Without a SCTC Officer present at this meeting, discussion of export pricing could be considered collusion. Hence, SCTC ensures that the discussion is promoting and increasing the export trade of the United States; encouraging and expanding the Exports of small business; and providing a means of effective competition with foreign cartels or combinations in export markets.

Furthermore, SCTC also ensures that discussion does NOT consist of restrain trade within the United States; restraining the export trade of any domestic competitor or association; or the enhancement or depression of prices within the United States to substantially lessen competition within the US, or otherwise restrain trade therein.

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SCTC Partners with Avalon Risk Management

Avalon Risk Management is the officially endorsed provider of insurance solutions for the Specialty Crop Trade Council. This partnership will provide valuable benefits to SCTC members. Avalon specializes in the logistics industry and understands the intricacies of your business and operations. Their products can protect your valuable assets. Avalon works with multiple markets to provide cargo coverage tailored to meet your specific needs and can offer the best programs available in the industry.

Marine Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance can protect your shipments from physical loss and damages, including the growing threat of theft and transportation crime. As SCTC members, you have the opportunity to take advantage of Avalon’s comprehensive Cargo Insurance program. Benefits include:

  • Special pricing for SCTC members
  • Policies from markets rated “A (Excellent)” by A.M. Best
  • An “All-Risk” coverage that includes enhanced insuring terms tailored for your operations such as theft, concealed damage, Non-delivery or refusal, and Customs damage
  • Quick and efficient claims settlement
  • A streamlined process with Avalon’s web-based Cargo Insurance system that allows you to view your policy terms, rates and condition, and request special. You can also manage insurance certificates and report claims online.

Trade Credit Insurance

Accounts receivable is a large part of your balance sheet, and it needs to be protected. When your customer fails to pay, Trade Credit Insurance will help cover the loss. It can protect you from the risk of not collecting on commercial trade debt due to:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Insolvency
  • Slow payments

Other Products Offered

In addition to Marine Cargo Insurance and Trade Credit Insurance, Avalon has a wealth of other products that your company can benefit from. These include:

  • Surety Bonds
  • Truck Insurance
  • Courier Program
  • Professional Liability
  • Property and Casualty

As a premier provider of insurance and surety solutions to the transportation industry, Avalon has been endorsed by SCTC to provide cargo insurance and other solutions to its members. Avalon is an independent, privately-held insurance broker, owned and operated by the founding management team with a multi-national presence. With decades of experience in the trade and expertise as an industry leader, your partnership with Avalon will ensure that your business is protected for years to come.

See below for more information on some of the services Avalon Risk Management provides to SCTC members:

Marine Cargo Insurance

Accounts Receivables Insurance

Credit Insurance

For a list of Avalon Risk Management’s products, click HERE.

Master Export Specialist Program

The Specialty Crop Trade Council has teamed up with the National Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association of America (NCBFAA) to offer a 45-hour online training program that addresses the many challenges associated with exporting from the United States.  Produced through the Association’s academic arm, the NCBFAA Educational Institute (NEI), this customized version of the program is ideal for members of SCTC that wish to enhance their competitive position in global markets.

The multi-topic course is the result of a nine month development project that was undertaken in conjunction with the Los Angeles based supply chain training firm, Trade Facilitators, Inc.  Fully narrated with multiple animation features, the on-demand, 8-Module program takes a hands-on approach to all facets of exporting from the United States.  With content that includes hundreds of “Real-World Scenarios,” “Industry Vertical Examples,” “Export Perspectives” and “Trade Tips,” the SCTC Specific Module titles are:

  • An Integrated to Exporting from the U.S.
  • International Sales Contracts: The U.S. Exporter’s Perspective
  • The Logistics of Ocean Exports
  • The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
  • Export Documentation
  • Managing Electronic Export Information
  • International Payment Terms
  • U.S. Free Trade Agreements

Price: $995.00 for SCTC Members

For more details on the Master Export Specialty Program, contact Patricia Gardner of Trade Facilitators, Inc. at (310) 507-5204.

For a great visual on the Master Export Specialist Program, check out a ten minute introductory video HERE.

For a printable flyer of the Master Export Specialist Program, click HERE.