Success Stories

“Our company wouldn’t know what to do without SCTC! They offer us a wide variety of competitive ocean freight rates, right at our fingertips. Best of all, the freight is itemized and all-inclusive, so we are not surprised with any additional fees. The SCTC reps are great to work with, always responsive, and ready to help you with your freight issues and inquiries. They also keep us up to date with what’s happening in the shipping industry and how it will affect the movement of our cargo. SCTC is a valuable resource, which I highly encourage others to use!!”

Vanessa Talbot, Primex International Trading Corporation

“SCTC offers many services including a user-friendly portal with a multitude of competitive ocean freight options to various destinations. If we are having issues with one carrier, we can access the portal with a few keystrokes and view other carrier options for that destination. This service has been a lifesaver in the last few years with frequent carrier issues including equipment, vessel repositioning, etc. If the destination is not available in the portal, we simply place a phone call or send an email to our friendly SCTC staff and the competitive rates are added for the new destination. SCTC helps us to compete internationally with very competitive ocean freight rate options; I would recommend their services to any new exporter.”

Jolene Boothby, Sun-Maid Growers of California

“The resources that are provided by SCTC are extremely beneficial for our company and have greatly improved our ability to manage and understand different areas of our business. The continued efforts of training and industry news help further our growth as a company. The service and experience offered by the SCTC staff are exceptional and very insightful. We consider our membership of SCTC a great advantage.”

Terrik Watt, Pacific/Atlantic Crop Exchange

“Our company appreciates the tools SCTC provides that help make every aspect of exporting as smooth and straightforward as possible. From obtaining accurate freight rates to negotiated free time at destination; everything you need is easy to find and readily available. Daily business or out of the ordinary circumstances; the staff at SCTC has the knowledge of the industry and are there to point you in the right direction to get results when time is of the essence.”

Jessica Lamke, Innovative Sales International Division

“The SCTC team is great. They do all the hard work with contract negotiations, requesting free time, getting rates added to current contracts for members which saves us a lot of time. They will come to your office and train you and your staff on their system if you need it. This is a service that will benefit your job.”

Shelley Young, A.P. Esteve Sales, Inc.

“We’ve been an SCTC member since 2004 and have reaped great benefits from our membership. Through SCTC, our relatively smaller walnut processing company is able to enjoy ocean freight rates that compete favorably with much larger packers. Our membership entitles us to attend various training opportunities throughout the year in the areas of food safety and plant sanitation. And though—thankfully—we’ve never had to utilize SCTC’s arbitration services, it’s nice to know the service is there if we ever need it. It’s great to be a part of such a fine organization.”

Don Barton, Gold River Orchards

“The SCTC’s industry-wide representation affords an economy of scale to the negotiating table that no small to medium-sized company can match. In addition, the SCTC provides easy access to these rates for its members via an online service. Thankfully there is SCTC staff readily available and quick to respond to any issues or questions regarding this service.”

David Mazzola, National Raisin Company

“I was first introduced to SCTC in 2012 as I was preparing for our first packing season. After my initial conversation with the logistics expert at SCTC, I quickly realized it was an organization we wanted to be a part of. SCTC quickly turned into our encyclopedia of “export logistics”. Their help expedited my understanding of the shipping industry and has had a major impact on my ability to deliver walnuts to our customers around the world.”

Chris Reece, Great Pacific Nut Company