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Are You Concerned with the Volatility in Prices for Almonds, Walnuts and Pistachios?

Are you concerned with the volatility in PRICES for almonds, walnuts and pistachios?

Over the last 12 months these commodities have decreased in value by 15-20% according to the USDA.  Due to decreases, SCTC members have seen a rise in the abandonment of their international shipments.

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Demurrage & Detention Free Time

There are many shipping terms within Transportation that can be quite confusing. “Demurrage” and “Detention” are two of the most common culprits within the ocean container shipping industry. Both refer to “free time” that can result in extra fees charged by the steamship line to compensate for the lost opportunity and use of their ocean containers.

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Is One of Your Riskiest Assets Protected?

Over the last five years, SCTC Members have experienced tremendous growth.  However, exports are now facing challenges due to a number of factors: a strengthening US dollar, ongoing drought, pricing/competitive pressures, localized crop production and unforeseen political risks.

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Be Prepared: Container Theft

How ready is your company in the case of stolen product due to organized crime? Are you doing all you can to protect your company? As California commodities continue to increase in value, more companies are faced with dealing with stolen goods and falsified information, which in turn results in a financial loss.

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Are Your Exports Fully Covered?

Marine Cargo Insurance is an integral part of transportation. We spoke to Kevin Ricciotti, Account Executive for Avalon Risk Management, about the benefits and common concerns SCTC Members may have. Avalon Risk Management is an independent, privately held insurance broker offering insurance services worldwide.

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