Domestic Membership List

Company NameCityStateCountryDescription
A.P. Esteve Sales, Inc.LodiCAUSAAlmonds, Walnuts, Prunes, Pistachios, Raisins
Almond Ace Packing, Inc.RiponCAUSATree nut processing plant
Alpine Pacific Nut Company HughsonCAUSAWalnuts
Alta California Foods, Inc. ChicoCAUSABroker / Trader of nuts
Andersen & Sons ShellingVinaCAUSAInshell Walnuts and shelled Walnuts
ARO Pistachios, Inc.Terra BellaCAUSAPistachios
Avanti Nut Company, IncLindenCAUSAWalnuts
B & B MarketingTurlockCAUSACommodity Contracts Brokers, Dealers
Baldwin-Minkler FarmsOrlandCAUSAAlmonds
Beard's Quality Nut Company EmpireCAUSAAlmonds and Walnuts
Berberian Nut Company, LLCChicoCAUSAWalnuts, inshell and shelled, in bulk and consumer packages
Billings Marketing, Inc.DelanoCAUSAAlmonds
Boghosian Raisin Packing FowlerCAUSARaisins
Borges of California, IncGlennCAUSAWalnuts
Cal Exports InternationalBrentwoodCAUSABuy, sell, broker of various Dried Fruits and Nuts
California Almond Traders, IncFresnoCAUSAExporter of Almonds and Walnuts
California Fruit, Inc. SangerCAUSADried Apples, Apricots, Pears, Peaches, Nectarines, dried fruit paste, dried diced fruits, and mixed fruit
California Packing CompanyOlivehurstCAUSAPrunes
CalPrune & Nuts, LLCGridleyCAUSAWalnuts and Prunes
Campos Brothers FarmsCaruthersCAUSAAlmonds
Capay Canyon RanchEspartoCAUSAWalnuts
Carriere Family Farms, Inc.GlennCAUSAWalnuts and Almonds
Carter Pecan Co.Panama City BeachFLUSAPecans, Almonds and dried fruit
Caruthers Raisin PackingCaruthersCAUSARaisins
Chase Pecan, LPSan SabaTXUSAPecans
Chico Nut CompanyChicoCAUSAAlmonds and Walnuts
Crain Marketing, Inc.Los MolinosCAUSAWalnuts
Crain Walnut Shelling, Inc.Los Molinos CAUSAShelled Walnuts
Crain Walnut Shelling, LPLos MolinosCAUSAShelled Walnuts
CropSource International LLCWalnut CreekCAUSAInternational Sales Management
Del Rey Packing CompanyDel ReyCAUSARaisins
Derco FoodsFresnoCAUSAWide variety of nuts, inshell and shelled, and dried fruits
DeRuosi NutEscalonCAUSAWalnut processor
Detrie International, LLC FentonMIUSABroker of dried fruits and nuts
Diamond Foods, LLC StocktonCAUSAWalnuts, Pine Nuts, Pecans, Peanuts, Macadamia Nuts, Hazelnuts, Cashews, Brazil Nuts and Almonds
Easterlin Pecan Co., IncMontezumaGAUSA Pecans
El Dorado Almonds, LLCMaderaCAUSAAlmonds
Eriksson LLCVisaliaCAUSAPistachio production and handling
Famoso Nut Company SalesMcFarlandCAUSAInshell Walnuts
Farm Breeze International LLCTacomaWAUSAExporter of Almonds, Raisins and Walnuts as well as other food products
Farmers International, IncChicoCAUSAAlmonds
Fig Garden Packing, IncFresnoCAUSAFigs
Fisher Nut CompanyModestoCAUSAAlmonds
FoodSource, Inc.WillowbrookILUSAAlmonds, Hazelnuts, Walnuts, Pecans, Pistachios, Sunflower Seeds, Prunes, Raisins, and Cranberries
Frazier Nut Farms, Inc. WaterfordCAUSAWalnuts
Fresh Pacific Fruit & Vegetable, IncFresnoCAUSAVariety of nuts, inshell and shelled, and dried fruits
Fresno Cooperative RaisinFresnoCAUSARaisins
Front Porch PecansHawkinsvilleGAUSAPecans
Greengate International ModestoCAUSABroker for Asian market (Almonds, Walnuts, and Prunes)
Gold River Orchards, IncEscalonCAUSAWalnut processing company
Gold State Nut L.L.C.BiggsCAUSAWalnut processor
Golden Valley Fruit PackingYuba CityCAUSAFruit Packing
Great Pacific Nut CompanyDanvilleCAUSAInshell Walnuts
Grower Direct Nut CompanyHughsonCAUSAWalnuts
Guerra Nut Shelling CompanyHollisterCAUSAWalnuts
Harris Woolf Almonds CoalingaCAUSAAlmonds
Hazelnut Growers of OregonDonaldORUSAHazelnuts
Hill View Packing Company Inc.San JoseCAUSAPrunes and Figs
Hilltop Ranch, Inc.BallicoCAUSAAlmond processor
Horizon Nut LLC TulareCAUSAPistachios
Hughson Nut, Inc. HughsonCAUSAAlmonds
Innovative SalesModestoCAUSAAlmonds, Pecans, other tree nuts, and dried fruits
International Almond ExchangeWatsonvilleCAUSAAlmonds
International Nut Company LLC LehiUTUSAAlmonds, Walnuts, and Pistachios
Jessup Norris & Trunick, Inc.BakersfieldCAUSAPistachios
JSS AlmondsBakersfieldCAUSAAlmonds
Keenan Farms, Inc. AvenalCAUSAPistachios, naturally or artificially opened, raw, roasted, salted and salted, natural and red, in bulk and consumer packaging
Liberty Gold Fruit Company LP South San FranciscoCAUSAWide variety of nuts, inshell and shelled, and dried fruits
Lion RaisinsSelmaCAUSARaisins
M.G. Commodities, Inc.ModestoCAUSAExporters of Almonds, Walnuts, Raisins in bulk packaging
Mariani Nut CompanyWintersCAUSAAlmonds and Walnuts, inshell and shelled, in bulk and consumer packages
Mariani Packing Company, IncVacavilleCAUSAWhole and pitted Prunes, Apricots, Apples, Zante Currants, Figs, Nectarines, Peaches, Pears, Raisins, etc.
Meridian Nut Growers, LLCMaderaCAUSAWalnuts, Pistachios, and Almonds, inshell and shelled, in bulk
MEM Fairway Inc.IrvineCAUSANuts and Dried Fruit
Mid Valley Nut Company Inc. HughsonCAUSAWalnuts
Minturn Nut Company Inc.Le GrandCAUSAAlmond processor
Monte Vista Farming CompanyDenairCAUSAShelled and inshell Almonds
Morada Nut Company LindenCAUSAPackers of Walnuts, inshell and shelled
Naraghi Farms, LLCEscalonCAUSAAlmonds and Walnuts
National Pecan Shelling Operations, LLCStocktonCAUSAIntegrated grower, processor, marketer of Pecans
National Raisin CompanyFowlerCAUSAZante Currants, Raisin Paste, and Raisin Juice
NutriNut, Inc.VisaliaCAUSAWalnut processor
Nutz R UsCalabasasCAUSAAlmond exporter
O-G Nut Company StocktonCAUSAWalnuts - grower and handler with a cracking facility
Olam FarmingFresnoCAUSAAlmonds
Omega Walnut, Inc.OrlandCAUSAWalnuts
Pacific Atlantic Crop Exchange, Inc. BurlingameCAUSAAlmonds, Pecans, and Walnuts
Pacific Century Trading, LPNevada City CAUSAWide variety of nuts, inshell and shelled, dried fruits, and seeds
Pacific Coast Sales ModestoCAUSABrokerage firm of Almonds, Pistachios and Walnuts
Patterson Nut Company, Inc. PattersonCAUSAWalnuts
Pearl Crop, IncRiponCAUSAImporters, exporters, and distributors of dried fruit, nuts, and seeds.
PGF Operating, LLCDallasTXUSAPecans
Poindexter Nut CompanySelmaCAUSAWalnuts
Prima Noce PackingLindenCAUSAWalnuts
Primex International Trading CorpLos Angeles CAUSAGrower and processor of Pistachios
Rio Del Mar Foods, IncClovisCAUSADried fruit and nut broker, trader, sales agent
River Oak OrchardsMantecaCAUSAPack and export inshell Walnuts
Roche Brothers International EscalonCAUSAAlmonds
RPAC, LLCLos BanosCAUSAAlmond handler and processor
RPC Packing Inc.PortervilleCAUSAPrune packager
Sacramento Packing, Inc.Yuba City CAUSAWhole and pitted Prunes
Sacramento Valley Walnut GrowersYuba City CAUSAWalnuts
San Joaquin Figs, Inc.FresnoCAUSADried Figs, Fig Paste, and Fig Juice Concentrate
Santa Clara Nut Company GustineCAUSAInshell and shelled Walnuts
Select Harvest USA LLC TurlockCAUSAAlmond handler
Seriously Almonds LLC OrangevaleCAUSAShelled Almonds, inshell Almonds, and shelled Walnuts
Setton International Foods, IncCommackNYUSAPistachios
Shoei Foods USA, Inc. OlivehurstCAUSAPrunes and Walnuts
Sierra Valley Almonds, LLCMaderaCAUSAAlmond processor
Silver Creek Almond Co., Inc.FirebaughCAUSAAlmonds
South Valley Almond Company WascoCAUSAAlmonds, inshell and shelled, in bulk and consumer packages
Stapleton-Spence PackingGridleyCAUSAPrunes, Apricots, and mixed fruit in bulk and consumer packages
Star Nut Co. StocktonCAUSAAlmonds and Walnuts
Stewart & Jasper Marketing, IncNewmanCAUSAGrower, huller/sheller, processor and handler of Almonds, exporter of Almonds, Walnuts and Cherries
Summit Almonds LLCOrangevaleCAUSASales and marketing of California Almonds from handlers to international buyers and markets
Sun-Maid Growers of California KingsburgCAUSARaisins, Raisin Paste, and Raisin Juice Concentrate
Sun Valley Raisins, Inc.FresnoCAUSAProcessor of California Raisins
SunnyGem, LLC WascoCAUSAAlmonds processing and sales
Sunsweet Growers Inc. Yuba City CAUSAWhole and pitted Prunes, Prune Paste, Concentrate and Juice, dried Apricots, Peaches, Pears, etc. in bulk and consumer packages
Super Squirrel Nut, Inc.WintersCAUSAWalnuts
Supreme Almonds of California, Inc. WascoCAUSAAlmonds
Sutter Buttes Mercantile LLC Live OakCAUSAWalnut and Prune handler
Sutter Foods Co.Yuba City CAUSAWalnuts and Prunes
T.M. Duche Nut Company, Inc.OrlandCAUSAAlmonds and Walnuts
Taylor Brothers Farms, Inc. Yuba City CAUSAPitted Prunes, Prune Concentrate, and Prune Juice, and organic Prune products
Terra Nova Trading, Inc.OaklandCAUSAAlmonds
The Almond CompanyMaderaCAUSAAlmond handler, packer and shipper
Touchstone Pistachio CompanyFresnoCAUSAGrower, processor and exporter of Pistachios
Treehouse California AlmondsEarlimartCAUSAAlmonds
Triple Crown International FulshearTXUSAAlmond, Walnuts, and Pecans
Turlock Walnut Company TurlockCAUSAWalnut processor / handler
Twin Commodities, IncModestoCAUSAAlmonds
Valley Pride Ag Company Inc. FresnoCAUSAAlmonds, Raisins, and Pistachios
Valley View Foods, Inc. Yuba CityCAUSAPrunes
VF Marketing Corp.WilliamsCAUSAAlmonds
Victor Packing Inc. MaderaCAUSARaisins, Raisin Paste, and Raisin Juice Concentrate
VSP Products, Inc.NewmanCAUSASun Dried Tomatoes
Waterford Nut CompanyWaterfordCAUSAProcessor of California Almonds
Western Nut Company ChicoCAUSACalifornia Almond and Walnut processor
Wholesome Nut Company ModestoCAUSAAlmond and Walnut processor
Wilbur Packing Company, Inc.Yuba City CAUSAWhole and pitted Prunes in bulk and consumer packages, Prune Puree, and Walnuts.
Windswept Orchards, LLCYuba CityCAUSAWalnut grower and handler
Wonderful Pistachios & AlmondsLost Hills CAUSAGrower and exporter of Pistachios and Almonds
Zymex Industries, Inc.MercedCAUSAPistachios